Auto/Mate DMS Offers Integration with Automated Dealer Kiosk Provider

Tracey E. Schelmetic

Auto/Mate, which provides module-based DMS solutions for fixed ops, variable ops, accounting, report and sales, has added another module for express service kiosks. The Albany-based company recently announced that its DMS customers can now access and monitor kiosk activity including drop offs, pick-ups, promotional up-sells and trade appraisals, and more. This is thanks to a partnership with Alberta, Canada-based Storm Kiosks Inc. Auto/Mate’s integration program, Open/Mate, is based on open standards so that third-party vendors such as Storm Kiosks can easily integrate with the DMS.

Dealer service kiosks allow dealership customers to arrive at the dealership at any time to drop off and pick up their vehicle key or obtain keys to a loaner vehicle, select needed services from a quick-pick menu, and pay for service using a credit or debit card. It’s an ideal solution for customers who prefer self-service, or those arriving before the dealership has opened or after it has closed.

There’s evidence that customers enjoy the modern, automated process that allows them to pick-up and drop-off in under three minutes, and to receive a notification once service is complete. Upon checking in, Express Service kiosks drive ROI by presenting upsells and promotions straight to the customer, which has resulted in an increased number of customers selecting the upsell option.

“The integration with Storm Kiosks Inc. allows dealers to provide their customers with a better service experience, which is achieved by increasing transparency, empowering customers and inspiring confidence and trust in the service process,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate, in a statement.

Without the ability to manage the kiosks from the DMS, service departments are potentially missing a big picture of customer support and operations in their reporting. According to Storm Kiosks, the integration will improve affordability for U.S. dealers.

“Integration with a dealership’s DMS allows service staff to manage the kiosk customer experience and bring kiosk data into their service reporting,” said Nathan Mackenzie, Co-Founder of Storm Kiosks Inc. “The Open/Mate integration process was smooth and helps to expand our offerings to U.S. based dealers at affordable prices.”