AutoWriter’s vAuto Tool Automates Vehicle Descriptions for U.S. and Canadian Dealers

When it comes to dealership sales and marketing, one of the most dreaded yet unending tasks is the need to come up with vehicle descriptions. Each vehicle that arrives in the lot needs one, and vehicle shoppers take them seriously. Eighty two percent of shoppers today start their vehicle buying process online. To make the task a little easier, TRADER Corp. and inventory management software company vAuto have added a feature called AutoWriter, an automated description writing tool designed to allow Canadian dealers to create vehicle descriptions in less than a minute. The tool was first introduced in the U.S. by vAuto, a Cox Automotive-owned line of solutions for new and used inventory management, vehicle sourcing and pricing.

AutoWriter simplifies the merchandising process for automotive retailers while enhancing the quality of their online vehicle listings, according to the companies. The tool uses descriptions that can be customized by dealers and that are designed based on the individual retailer’s selection criteria and unique vehicle attributes.

“Viewing and researching vehicles online is [shoppers’] primary influence for making buying decisions, which is why it’s extremely important for dealers to profile the key attributes of every VIN-specific vehicle online,” said Matt Lawson, VP of Dealer Software and OEM at TRADER. “The new AutoWriter tool automates the process for dealers by creating unique and rich vehicle descriptions for every piece of inventory, making them highly relevant to each consumer and giving the dealer the ability to stand out in the crowd.”

The new tools can also help dealers create the most effective keywords for digital marketing of the vehicle. Better keywords can lead to higher rankings in search results. Descriptions can be generated in under a minute and then published to any third-party site, which reduces the time dealers must spend on merchandising tasks.

“These detailed descriptions grab the attention of online consumers and encourages them to interact with the listings,” said Randy Kobat, Senior Vice President for vAuto.