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Millennials Won’t Buy Cars? That’s Not Actually True

By Amy Corr Depending on what research you read, the future is either bright or grim for automotive manufacturers and the dealerships that sell their...

Declining Margins and Increased Supply Is Putting Pressure on Inventory Financing

By Kevin Donovan With Fourth of July incentive pricing still upon us, most new- and used-car dealers seem to have weathered the worst of the...

Used Electric Vehicles: Retailers Gear Up for the Remarketing Challenge

by Al Bredenberg, Senior Writer U.S. dealerships already struggle with selling electric cars, which make up a small but growing portion of inventory in the...


Heads Up: New Tax Laws Impacting Automotive Dealers

The provisions of the Act provides many opportunities and some pitfalls. More than ever, owners of automobile dealerships need to consult their tax advisers to understand both the business and personal implications of the new tax laws.