COVID-19 Update: Dealership Vendors Are Waiving Fees

By Desiree Homer

In our current, ‘everyone has to do their part,’ market, we’re seeing reports of various companies switching gears to contribute to an increased need for medical supplies. Consumers are getting relief in the form of deadline extensions for their tax filings, mortgage payments, and utilities. More recently, there is evidence that similar assistance is transpiring in the business sector, as well. Dealer management vendors and tech partners are reducing and waiving their fees to offer relief to their dealership clients. Many companies are recognizing the decrease in sales activity nationwide and have rallied to join the efforts to keep dealers alive through this uncertain economic time.

CDK Global, Inc Waiving Subscription Fees

Dealers who currently partner with CDK Global, Inc. may have already received their letter. Sent out earlier this week, the dealership management company issued a letter outlining the temporary suspension of subscription fees across a variety of their applications. Brian Krzanich, CEO, shared his sentiments about expressing to dealerships that everyone is in this together. He goes on to comment that he recognizes conditions may continue to be difficult for dealers for a while. Dealers can expect their April invoices to reflect the fee reductions for Elead CRM products, document management, and others. These adjustments are expected to save dealers 25%.

Other Tech Vendors Follow Suit with Savings

DealerSocket issued a letter to its dealer partners as well, cutting April invoices by half. Dealers using CRM products, DealerFire websites, and data mining tools can expect to see discounted bills. In a secondary measure, CEO Sejal Pietrzak outlines 25% fee reductions for independent dealers and those newly grandfathered franchise dealers that the company acquired with its recent purchase of Auto/Mate

RouteOne is waiving fees for select products offered to its dealer partners, too. The auto financing software company says the discounts are in effect through the end of May and will span its platform of digital retailing and electronic contracting services.  

Vehicle Listing Sites Doing Their Part

Dealers can expect a host of subscription and fee reductions with several vehicle listing websites. By April, many invoices will feature up to 50% in discounts with platform vendors including, CarGurus,, Edmunds, and TrueCar. DealerRater and have also announced 30% reductions in May and June, should the market still present challenges. As an added assistance measure, both companies are offering to add badges for any dealer partners that are open for sales via virtual appointments and engagement. Alex Vetter, CEO, expressed in his letter to dealerships, that the company is committed to keeping dealership business moving forward. They’re also extending tools and templates that dealers can leverage for online videos and chat services, free of charge.

These relief efforts extended within the industry just demonstrate the continued movement of companies and partners looking to ‘do their part.’ As a dealer, these discounts can be helpful to the operational bottom line in the weeks to come. Consider connecting with these vendors as well as other partners with whom you have subscriptions or monthly charges. You may find others are willing to offer concessions as well.