DCG Capital: Investing In Your Capital

Operating a successful dealership can be a challenging, but rewarding, experience. Securing a business loan from a traditional lender, however, can often end up being more difficult than actually running the business.

Auto dealership owners in particular often face significant challenges in securing financing as part of any acquisition, amongst them include collateral, loan fees, and a lack of flexibility.

DCG Capital is aiming to change all of that.

Managed by Leonard Seawell, DCG Capital is unique in that there are no other capital consulting companies that currently service the automobile dealership industry, never mind ones that have a relationship with every major bank nationwide. You could try to secure financing on your own, but consider the following: Direct lenders review your credit history and business history in making their loan determination. They are also available to help walk you through the process and to clarify any of the legal disclosures. However, direct lenders are limited in the advantages they can provide because the sources of their financing is limited. There is no incentive for them to provide you with the best possible interest rate and there are still fees to be paid.

New and veteran dealer entrepreneurs will find that DCG Capital is able to negotiate the best possible rate with two dozen lenders nationwide and stay on top of financial trends. The result is that the dealer is able to finance their business at the best possible rate without the time it would take to develop all the necessary relationships and stay on top of financial industry trends.

Mr. Seawell’s goal is to further strengthen DCG Capital’s working relationships by giving clients an opportunity to participate in a growing number of potential transactions, and he has the experience to do just that. 

During his investment banking career, Mr. Seawell raised the acquisition capital, negotiated the purchase and served as the initial Chairman and CEO of an aircraft manufacturing firm, subsequently sold to a publicly traded company. He also provided investment banking services to the Boards of Directors of more than 65 commercial banks by creating public markets for their shareholders and providing advice and counsel on mergers and acquisitions, and ultimate sales to larger institutions. 

“My grandfather taught me investment banking from a very young age,” said Seawell to Dealer News Today. Seawell has been in investment banking his entire career to the tune of 49 years.

What’s the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch.

What clients will find is that there are no other fees or charges to the dealer. There is no compensation from any lending institution. DCG Capital does not have loyalty to any bank and does not receive any money from any bank at any time. Simply put, DCG Capital acts on behalf of the dealer only and serves the dealer’s best interest, so the dealer pays for that service only when the service is complete. The service fee is a percentage of the transaction, typically 1%. Even with this fee, dealers will be hard-pressed to find a better source of financing in the industry.

“All of the services of DCG Capital are designed to satisfy the needs of a growing successful dealership,” said Seawell. “Our goal is to find the right financing that will lead to a successful strategic acquisition, or to provide financing for much needed capital improvements.”

DCG Capital can also assist with replacing an existing financial institution whose relationship no longer provides the capital or interest rate that dealers require for their business endeavors. 

Putting together the financing to launch a new business takes serious planning and effort. The diligent entrepreneur must weigh the benefits and downsides of available funding options and determine which sources of cash provide the greatest flexibility at the least cost. DCG Capital takes on the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: running a successful dealership.

DCG Capital exists to support the owners of automotive dealerships by assisting them in obtaining the most effective and attractive sources of financing. For more information, visit DCG Capital.