Dealer Wizard Integrates with Auto/Mate Dealership Systems for Real-Time Data Exchange

Dealer Wizard, a popular database intelligence and equity mining application, is a familiar solution for dealerships hoping to run their businesses better thanks to the availability and accessibility of “big data.” The application leverages analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to crunch about 750 customer data points to help dealerships sell the right cars to the right customers at the right time. Auto/Mate Dealership Systems is a dealer management system (DMS) for database intelligence. New integration between Dealer Wizard and Auto/Mate Dealership Systems will allow dealerships that use both solutions to benefit from the real-time data exchange between the two systems.

“Dealer Wizard offers a comprehensive product suite to help dealers improve marketing and operation decisions, by allowing them to understand and leverage their data with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate, in a news release.

“Auto/Mate’s Open/Mate program makes it easy and affordable for third-party vendors to integrate with their DMS, allowing for greater flexibility to service clients more effectively. We’re very pleased with the Open/Mate program,” said Ross Bauer, Chief Operating Officer of Dealer Wizard.

Dealer Wizard, which is headquartered in Tampa, uses algorithms to identify customers in positions of equity. It then uses the information to automate the marketing process to generate up-to-the-minute leads. Built-in performance metrics provide dealerships with customized reporting and inventory management so they can easily identify the best places to concentrate sales efforts. Service lane solutions enable dealers to identify and convert service customers into new vehicle sales customers, increasing customer retention, market share and gross profits.

Albany, New York-based Auto/Mate designed its Open/Mate program using open standards to provide an affordable integration experience for third-party vendors. An acquisition was proposed last year by CDK Global, but ultimately refused by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for anti-competitive reasons in March of this year. In its final decision, the FTC determined that it was in the best interest of auto dealers to have Auto/Mate remain a strong competitor in the marketplace. (See an interview with Auto/Mate CEO Mike Esposito at NADA 2018 here.)