Dealerships: How Is Your Phone System?

If you are running a dealership that has been around for some time, you’ve likely invested in a phone system but haven’t made any significant changes since. Because technology moves fast, newer and more efficient systems are constantly becoming available, and that means your phone system could use a bit of a makeover. We are quickly evolving into a mobile era, and older systems can’t match the features and tools that are currently on the market.  Do you have the solutions that can keep up with the competition and reach the current consumer? If not, you may want to consider an upgrade.

You might need to upgrade if your current system is not scalable. As a busy dealership owner, your intention is to keep growing your business, not to remain stagnant. Your business phone system should not hold you back in terms of corporate expansion. If your phone system is unable to accommodate the addition of more extensions or users without being too costly to be worth the investment, then the time to switch is now.

How is your call volume? A successful dealership can expect that its number of both incoming and outgoing phone calls will increase in volume over time. If your current system is unable to keep up with communication demands, it’s time to start researching newer, more efficient systems.

If your system runs on legacy solutions, then you cannot utilize Internet telephony. The ability to make voice calls via an Internet network can add up to significant savings in terms of long-distance phone calls between the branches of your company or to non-local clients. It is worth the time and effort to switch over to a system that can harness the Internet to make more efficient, more cost-effective phone calls.

Because mobile is on the rise, it is worth having a system that can “play nice” with what people are using to communicate with your dealership, especially where service departments are involved. Maybe you have a multi-site franchise that relies on mobile phones to call in, or you need to transfer customer calls to your sales force at another dealership location. An upgraded system can handle this rather flawlessly; are you able to immediately transfer customers to your satellite locations, or do you look unprofessional by having to recite off a cell phone number for the customer to dial themselves?

Dealerships are saving money by upgrading their business phone system service, resulting in increased efficiencies with new technology and decreased costs by ridding of old service plans.

Consider an upgrade to keep up with the changing times and customer demand.