Dealertrack’s Management System Will Now Integrate Human Resources Capabilities

By Desiree Homer

Dealertrack, the integrated dealership technology provider, is partnering with Hireology, the recruitment CRM for multi-location businesses. Imagine streamlining your operational processes with your human resources functions in one convenient system. Those dealerships already using Dealertrack will enjoy the enhancement. For everyone else, this type of integration may be a common trend in new technology development moving forward.

The Problem This Integration Is Intended to Solve

Dealers often face challenges when it comes to finding and hiring top talent for their ranks. Upon hire, there are onboarding and engagement practices designed to position the new hire for success. Human Resources departments are then responsible for ongoing personnel management, and ultimately keeping those employees growing and engaged during their journey with your dealership. This recent integration announcement means merging those automotive CRM processes, to the many facets of HR functions. It will create a central point of record for managing employees, including hiring, payroll, and administrative tasks. Streamlining the HR side of business operations will relieve those departments of time-wasting processes and potential errors, so they can focus on what matters most to the dealership – its people.

Key Features of This Partnership

Talking about streamlining HR processes is one thing, but what are some specific benefits of this Dealertrack and Hireology integration? For starters, the system will allow automatic transfer of new hire data into the next step, onboarding, and payroll stages. HR professionals can track and manage time-off requests and accruals. The platform will also record and track performance reviews and job summaries. Payroll staff will enjoy the real-time automatic posting of records to the Dealertrack General Ledger. They will also appreciate having a system to follow sales commissions and tech times. Error-free payroll alone, benefits the employee, the payroll staff member, and the dealership bottom line. According to the IRS, 33% of employers make payroll errors that cost billions every year. The American Payroll Association cites an average payroll error rate of 1-8% in those using traditional timecard tracking systems.

One primary benefit is relieving your HR and Administrative staff of time-consuming tracking processes and multi-system documentation. Combining these steps in one system, with the automatic filtering of information, removes the potential for human errors that can result in time-consuming resolutions as well. Mandi Fang, VP of Dealertrack DMS, says the solution is easy to implement and “significantly reduces the ongoing administrative effort of managing multiple third-party providers.”

Technology Enhancements Coming for Every Department

Any technology-based improvements can arguably save time, and ultimately, time is money. This headline is an indication that automotive vendors are looking to make those tech transitions. It may be a trend your dealership sees with other vendor relationships and operational management systems as well. Departments not intended initially to share processes will soon be able to merge efforts in time and cost-effective platforms. Mitigating redundancy and error at any level of your dealership operations is a win for everyone.

Those dealerships already partnered with Dealertrack will soon be leveraging the additional Human Resources benefits of Hireology. For everyone else, smart integration of multi-departmental functions might just be the solution your dealership needs.