EPIDSODE 6: Interview with Premier Companies CEO Joe Laham

Dave and Andy discuss the effect COVID-19 Pandemic is having on the Automotive M&A world, and discuss deals such as Asbury Motors.

Dave and Andy speak with a respected automotive industry leader, the President and CEO of New England’s Premier Auto Group, Premiere Companies, Joe Laham.

Joe Laham discusses why dealerships must lead from the top, and first-and-foremost take charge of communication, and outlines the cornerstones of leading in a crisis.

Dave, Andy, and Joe cover the pitfalls facing dealers trying to do business during State shutdowns, such as selling vehicles online, handling lease maturity, and being prepared for a surge of sales when the dust settles (that’s right, a surge of sales).

Joe stresses the importance of coming together as an industry, being compassionate, and realizing we need to take care of each other in times of trouble.

Don’t miss this vital “time of crisis” interview from one of the top automotive industry experts.

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