EPISODE 12: Herb Chambers and MSADA Pres. Robert O’Koniewski

A Special Exclusive Double Time of Crisis Interview

There is too much automotive news right now, we had to pack two interviews into one episode of our popular automotive podcast. 

Our guests today are: 

One of the largest new car dealers in the world, and America’s top 100 richest businessmen, owner of 44+ New England new car dealerships across 34+ brands, CEO of the Herb Chambers Auto Group, Mr.Herb Chambers.  

Executive Vice President of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association (MSADA), Mr. Robert, O’Koniewski. MSADA represents the interests of over 400 franchised new car and truck dealers in the Commonwealth.

Listen to this very special double interview episode as Dave and Andy discuss with our two special guests, the latest automotive news,  the Government Economic Relief Bill, current legislative changes affecting new car dealers in New England, how to lead during and beyond the Corona Crisis, lessons learned, and much more!

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In memoriam | EPISODE 12: Herb Chambers and MSADA Pres. Robert O’Koniewski