EPISODE 31: Aaron Zeigler of Zeigler Auto Group Creates Internal Stimulus Plan For Employees.

“The government can’t open us back up, only the people can open us back up” ~ Aaron Zeigler.

For over 40 years Zeigler Auto Group has been an organization to look up to in the automotive world. With 30+ dealerships and 30+ brands, Aaron Zeigler stresses the importance of communication and taking care of the people that support operations. 

Listen as Dave, Andy, and Aaron discuss the following:

  • “When you do the math, we’re going to run out of cars.” What Zeigler Auto Group is doing right now to mitigate that situation. 
  • Internal stimulus packages created by the auto group to support employees.
  • Optimizing dealership financing to take advantage of lower interest and floor plan financing rates.

A one of a kind interview with a respected dealer on the front lines