EPISODE 66: Cox CEO Steps Down, Exclusive Interview

Sandy Schwartz Discusses Moving On After 35 Years Leading Cox Automotive

For the automotive industry, this feels like a sports legend leaving the game.  

Sandy Schwartz has led Cox Automotive through a myriad of victories with grace and style. Acquisitions during his tenure – Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and many more – grew the company to 35,000 employees and continue to lead the industry’s digital transformation.  

Now Sandy takes a bow. DNT is honored to present his first interview as he ends a historic run as Cox Automotive CEO.   

HighlightsSandy Schwartz Talks About:

  • Over three decades at the helm of Cox Automotive, and the company’s monumental success during his time as CEO.  
  • Wisdom on leadership – with priceless perspective for anyone looking to advance their career.  
  • Looking ahead to his next role at Cox Enterprises, as CEO of Cox Family Office.  

“You better be a progressive leader, you better be willing to take chances, you better embrace technology, and you better understand your customer.”   — Sandy Schwartz



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