GM Dealers Can Now Offer Commercial Customers OnStar Fleet Telematics

By Mia Bevacqua

Since it was first introduced in select 1997 Cadillac models, OnStar has been riding along in GM vehicles. The telematics system, which offers features, such as navigation and remote emergency assistance, has always been geared towards retail car buyers. Until now, that is.

Just yesterday, GM launched an all-new version of the product, called OnStar Vehicle Insights, that’s aimed at commercial buyers. The system provides fleet managers with important data including vehicle location, driver performance and vehicle health.

“We listened to our fleet customers’ feedback and have created a turnkey telematics solution,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, General Motors Fleet. “OnStar Vehicle Insights helps simplify the fleet management process, allowing our fleet customers, large and small, to save time and money.”

Drivers can benefit from using OnStar Vehicle Insights, too. The system provides access to remote commands, trip summaries and driving performance.

“This is just the beginning for OnStar Vehicle Insights,” said Michelle Calloway, head of OnStar Vehicle Insights, GM Global Innovation. “We plan to expand our service offerings over time, including the addition of mixed fleet compatibility, so even more customers will have the ability to experience the benefits of our telematics solution in the future.”

Initially, the OnStar Vehicle Insights platform will be available on most 2015 and newer GM models. Interested fleet managers and business owners can pay a $15.99 per vehicle monthly fee to access the system.

GM’s eventual goal, however, is to offer the products on other brands, as well. Expanding to non-GM brands is a “key priority item,” Calloway said, because businesses’ fleets comprise many makes and models. “Business owners want a simple tool to see all the vehicles in a fleet,” she told Automotive News.

It’s worth noting that OnStar Vehicle Insights replaces GM’s similar Commercial Link system, which was introduced in 2016.