Hertz Is Bringing the Big Screen to Rental Cars in the U.K.

Most people spend no more than 15 minutes searching online for the right rental car before they feel overwhelmed at the thought of which to choose. The entire process can be confusing, and it takes great consideration for the passengers that will be in the car; safety, room, and of course, does it have some features that will make travel more exciting? What if one of those features was an in-car movie theater? That’s what Hertz in the U.K. is planning to do.

Dubbed “The Cinema Car,” this type of rental is equipped with an ultra-thin 42in screen illuminated by LED uplighters, red velvet curtains, blackout windows and surround sound, just like the theater.

“Six bespoke Ford Galaxy MPVs have been transformed by our team of top designers. Gone are the middle-row seats, in comes cinema-style seating, vast legroom, a huge screen and a state-of-the-art sound system. And best of all, no one will shush you for daring to rustle your popcorn,” Hertz told TreeHugger.

Passengers will also be able to access their personal streaming services accounts via the Hertz Connect portable device, which provides unlimited 4G, ‘Go Anywhere’ Wi-Fi, as well as other exclusive services, such as free international calls, a translation tool, and destination guides.

The exclusive Hertz Cinema Car is currently available in the U.K. until the end of the year. It will also be launching in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain in the upcoming weeks.