Improving the Quality of the Vehicle Photos on Your Web Site

Running a busy dealership means staying on top of a lot of tasks. One of those tasks is photographing vehicles available for sale and making them available for the web site. After all, buyers don’t want to see generic photos of a car, they want to see photos of the specific car they’re considering buying. And with vehicle shoppers spending more time than ever on dealers’ web sites, it’s critical to dealership marketing that the photos provided by dealers are timely, accurate, extensive and professional looking.

Let’s face it: not everyone is a professional photographer. Even if you follow the rules, such as taking photos on a sunny day, you wind up with some uninspiring dud photos on your web site, which doesn’t exactly lead to inspired customers. Thanks to the plethora of competing online vehicle sales platforms today, many customers have their minds made up before they even enter a dealership. Bad photos are increasingly deal-breakers when customers are choosing which dealership to walk into, so solving this problem is critical to dealership marketing.

A company called Ocusell that offers a platform for creating, editing and share professional photos via handheld devices instantly has introduced its new professional marketing photography app for the automotive industry on both iPhone and Android platforms. No technical experience is required.

“As the online marketing channel continues to grow for auto dealers, so does the need to create compelling digital assets that excite prospective car buyers,” said Ocusell Founder and CEO Hayden Rieveschl in a statement. “Marketing managers working in this segment are eager for a method of quickly producing photographic assets that will reduce the sales cycle and serve to differentiate them and their products from everyone else online. Our app offers that competitive advantage.”

According to the company, in a survey conducted by StartUpCincy, Ocusell images of cars for sale performed better than those produced without the app. In the blind test, 75 percent of users chose Ocusell images over images from real-life car listings online. These images consisted of the same angled shots of both luxury and economy vehicles, including both interior and exterior vehicle images.