Brett Hopkins, CEO, Ken Garff Automotive Group

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Brett Hopkins returns to the show after his great appearance in the first episode of season 4! A medical school rejection set Brett on the career path that would eventually lead him to becoming CEO of Ken Garff Auto Group, which has over 60 dealership locations in the western US. Along the way, Brett has held many other prominent positions, including working as the CFO of the organizing committee for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Brett currently lives in Salt Lake City, and he holds his MBA from Arizona State University.

We just came off some amazing years, so you have sellers trying to market their dealerships based on those amazing years.

— Brett Hopkins

In this episode, Brett joins Derek D to discuss how business has changed at Ken Garff Automotive in the year-plus since he last appeared on DNT. He discusses why his staff currently has the highest tenure rate and highest salaries they’ve ever had, how interest rate hikes pose a challenge in multiple ways, why electric vehicles are putting additional pressure on the supply of microchips, and why he prefers to tell dad jokes off the cuff rather than rehearse.

Ken Garff Automotive Group

Episode Highlights:

  • How the major South Korean automakers are currently managing supply chain issues better than most
  • Why Brett is now getting calls from friends who need a service appointment rather than those who need a new car
  • The importance of Brett’s motto, “Work hard, play hard, laugh hard”
  • Why electrification may lead some dealer principals to consider selling their businesses

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