NOVEL THINKING SERIES | EPISODE 2: Playing Inventory “Moneyball” in 2020

Introducing “Novel Thinking” with Randy Kobat of Cox Automotive – Today with Trent Waybright of Kelley Auto Group.

Trent Waybright has played scrappy and smart with his pre-owned inventory during the pandemic. It’s worked so well, the auto group is going ahead with plans for a new auto mall in 2021.

We’re back for another episode of Novel Thinking with vAuto’s Randy Kobat. Today’s guest is Trent Waybright, Vice President of Pre-Owned Operations for Kelley Auto Group in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

With the current challenges in new car inventory, Waybright has undertaken successful tactics in used car sales to power revenue and deliver success at this dealership during the anomalous year of 2020. In addition, his positive outlook is refreshing, as he focuses on constantly adapting and learning new lessons in this uncharted territory.

Highlights include:

  • Strategies involving proactive stocking of inventory, lease turn-ins, virtual auctions, and bronze inventory in used car sales.
  • Adapting in a pandemic, both to acquire cars online and make sure all buyers are comfortable.
  • The one thing our guest is focused on for finishing the year strong.

Interview quote:
“Another focus of ours will be Sub prime as we head into ‘21, and from an inventory perspective, being lean and mean, taking it a day at a time.” — Trent Waybright


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Kelley Automotive Group is a leading auto retailer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Now a vendor of GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Ford, and Volvo, they have served the Northeastern Indiana community since 1952.