SEASON 3 | EPISODE 4: “Lost Profit is Preventable.” | Tim Devine, Executive Manager, DCG Capital

“Everybody’s doing well. But what the good dealers are thinking about is, ‘This isn’t going to last forever. I need to create a sustainable business model, so that when the cycle goes a different direction, I’m prepared.’” — Tim Devine

Tim Devine has some advice for dealers — lost profit is preventable.

On the surface, this is obvious. But as Tim digs into the issue, we see how much money dealers miss every day, from OEM incentives and rebates, to unnecessary spending and much more. Plus, he explains how you can recapture these funds to increase your bottom line.

Tim Devine is Executive Manager at DCG Capital. He has 35 years of experience in the auto business, with a range of top manufacturers and dealership groups. Today, Tim helps dealers sustain and grow profits through CFO services, floor plan financing, and other financial services for automotive dealerships.

When you hear this conversation, you’ll have the knowledge to identify if your dealership is leaving money on the table.

Interview Highlights:

  • How to navigate manufacturers’ rules around rebates and incentives
  • Practical guidance for how dealerships can get out of a financial hole
  • The key difference between the 2008 recession and the Covid pandemic, plus advice for dealers who started after 2008 and have yet to see a major downturn in the auto industry

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