SEASON 4 | EPISODE 10: “It’s education, it’s creating that relationship, and it’s constant communication.” || Dorian Jimenez, General Sales Manager, Classic Chevrolet

“It’s been a recipe for 30 years at this dealership, and we’re never going to change.”

Dorian Jimenez has been in the automotive business for 26 years in all sorts of roles – despite having a pre-med degree. He’s been general sales manager for the largest Acura dealership in the US, sales director for a large luxury car dealership, and joined Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, TX a few years ago. Besides being the general sales manager, Dorian is the face of Classic Chevrolet’s advertising and is in charge of the company’s charitable efforts.

On this episode, Dorian sits down with Derek D to talk what it’s like working in such a wide variety of positions within (and outside) the automotive industry, the challenges of working in a climate where minorities are severely underrepresented, and the transformative effects he’s seen personal relationships in the auto business have on people. Dorian also shares why the pandemic-related shift to a built-to-order car buying system was a blessing in disguise, what it feels like to be surrounded by cardboard cutouts of yourself, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Classic Chevrolet is managing a precipitous drop in inventory – despite being a few miles away from a Chevy plant
  • Why Dorian thinks rebates have never been necessary, and what really works best to create customer loyalty instead
  • How Dorian took a Corvette for a spin on a NASCAR track and was humbled by a young pro driver
  • What “bringing the country to the city” means at Classic Chevrolet

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