SEASON 4 | EPISODE 16:“We’ve made enormous progress” || Dr. Michael Weiner, Board Member, DCG Giving

Renowned pediatric oncologist Dr. Michael Weiner joins us for a special episode of Automotive Authorities to highlight the work done so far by DCG Giving. Dr. Weiner is the vice-chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York Presbyterian Hospital. He’s not only a leading medical specialist, he’s also a published author, and he has decades of experience in nonprofit leadership.

Dr. Weiner talks to Derek D about DCG Giving’s origins, his longtime personal connection with founder Dave Cantin, the organization’s important mission to fight pediatric cancer at the community level, and most critically, how you can get involved.


Episode Highlights:

  • The nationwide group that DCG Giving is partnered with, and why that affiliation is so important
  • How automotive dealerships can contribute to the battle against childhood cancers, and how to keep it up in the long term
  • Why a local focus is central to effective charitable action

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