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Time Magazine Dealer of the Year – 40 dealerships across 4 states, Scott Kunes, Kunes Auto Group COO, looks into his crystal ball. What’s in store for the auto industry? Listen and find out.

“The auto business is so much more than just cars. This is a pretty incredible business  It’s ultra-competitive and a business unlike any other.”

– Scott Kunes, COO, Kunes Auto Group

From chef to one of the top Chief Operating Officers in the auto industry, Scott Kunes has a unique point of view on the industry and has some core values he’s learned in the kitchen, and applied them to the showroom. Listen as Derek and Scott take a deep dive into the businesses of a dealership in today’s limited supply world. 

Scott Kunes Bio | Kunes Auto Group

Episode Highlights:

  • How being a chef prepares you for the auto industry.
  • What is the ultimate secret to the Kunes Auto Group’s rapid success?
  • Family Business – Harder or Easier?
  • What attracted you to the auto dealership businesses
  • What does it take to be a leader in the auto industry
  • What do you struggle with?
  • Scott Kunes crystal ball – what’s next for the auto industry?

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