Brad Cobb, President, Bowers Automotive Group

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Diversification is the name of Brad Cobb’s game – in addition to being president of the entirety of Bowers Automotive Group, he is also a dealer principal or partner in Bowers dealerships selling 7+ different brands of cars across multiple states. Brad initially wanted to go to law school when he graduated college, but when the legal profession didn’t appeal to him, he went full-speed into the job he had taken to pay for law school: automotive sales. He now has over 30 years of automotive experience and has also served on the boards of organizations including the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Cleveland.

“We measure everything”

– Brad Cobb, President, Bowers Automotive Group

On this episode, Brad sits down with our host Derek D to discuss why it can be tough to be the son-in-law of the owner of the dealership group you work for, what metrics are important for dealerships to keep regular track of, and getting back to basics in preparation for a more normal inventory and revenue-per-vehicle situation in the near future. Plus, he talks about “fighting the fights that matter” in business and family relationships, why he’s taken the same ski trip for the past 30 years, why it takes all types of personalities to generate business, and more.

Episode Highlights:

  • The scenario that could lead to bloated inventories for all types of dealerships within several years
  • What happened when a commercial was accidentally so annoying, it brought in more leads than a charming ad might have
  • Why developing boundaries is especially important in a family business
  • What it is about body shops that makes such a business tough to run

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