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45-Year-old automotive brand has seen it all. With 26 dealerships and over 35 facilities, Rob Cochran, #1 Cochran President and CEO has a wealth of leadership and operational insights. 

“Building a brand means developing the organizations’ culture, and that culture needs to be one of growth and empowerment.”

– Rob Cochran, CEO, #1 Cochran

Listen to industry veteran and thought leader Rob Cochran as he espouses the values of building a time-tested brand while being nimble enough to adjust to sweeping and rapid change.

Episode Highlights:

  • 45 years of growth – what’s the secret?
  • There is a specific process to building a lasting brand
  • How to create a culture of growth and empowerment
  • Rob Cochran’s “Rule of 12”
  • Using transparency to compete with the “disrupters” in the industry
  • The impact of electric vehicles and digital culture on dealership operational systems

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