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The Crain Companies began as “Paul Crain Wholesale” in Searcy, Arkansas in the early 1950s. “Mr. Paul,” Larry Crain Sr.’s father, started out “peddling” tire repair items and now Crain Automotive is 23 rooftops strong – all from the trunk of a car.

“As a dealer principal of a family owned business, and a CPA background, I would not recommend family work together.”

– Larry Crain, Sr., Crain Automotive

Listen to industry veteran Larry Crain Sr. as he discusses the history of Crain Automotive and how he went from one dealership in 1991 to 23 thirty years later.

Episode Highlights:

  • How do you go from selling from the trunk of a car to owning 23 dealerships?
  • Working with family, is it easier or harder? The answer may surprise you.
  • How the last couple of years challenged the Crain Automotive business.

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