Rita Case, Owner, Rick Case Automotive Group

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Rita Case has literally spent a lifetime in the auto industry. She was born into one car-selling family, married into another, and now is the president, CEO, and owner of the country’s largest retail auto group that is owned and operated by a woman.

“I tell people, when they say, ‘Oh, you were so lucky’ – Luck spells ‘Laboring Under Correct Knowledge’.”

– Rita Case, Owner, Rick Case Automotive Group

Listen as Rita Case, the CEO and owner of the largest woman-owned retail auto group in America, tells the tale of her lifelong journey in what she calls the “funnest business ever” and her history of innovation and “picking winners.”

On this episode, Rita Case sits down with Derek D for a whirlwind discussion covering hats, jets, America’s first Hondas, and her pioneering business successes.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Rita wears her famous hats.
  • What it takes to bring an overseas auto brand to the shores of the US for the first time.
  • How Rick Case’s idea for a revolutionary marketing tactic was rejected, how it was proven to work – and how it saved Hyundai’s brand in America.
  • What women in leadership positions have to offer the auto industry, and what has held them back in the past.
  • The one simple step Rick Case Automotive Group takes to create customer loyalty.

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