SEASON 4 | EPISODE 8: “We’ll just do what we’ve done – take care of our customers.” || Rita Case, Owner, Rick Case Auto Group

“I wore the hats in order to stand out, to draw attention to me, and then it was up to me to prove that I deserved that attention.”

She’s back! One of the hardest-working women in the automotive industry, Rita Case, returns to Dealer News Today for another enlightening and entertaining chat with Derek D. Cars have always been a family affair for Rita, with her children also working at Rick Case Auto Group, and she continues to look ahead on behalf of future generations in the auto business.

Listen in as Rita Case talks what it’s like being immediately recognizable, navigating supply and demand in today’s car manufacturing climate, the future of leases and trade-ins, and more. Rita also discusses how her kids “learned the automotive business at the dinner table,” the purpose of her personal brand, and helping customers in the wake of rising lease costs and lower inventory levels.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Rita’s legendary hats tie into having something to prove
  • The “sweet spot” for increased efficiency even with fewer cars on the storage lot
  • The true origins of the microchip shortage, and how it will be remedied
  • The decline in auto shows, and why it should matter to dealer groups

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