SEASON 5 | EPISODE 12: “We help think through strategic decisions” || Gary Silberg, Global Head of Automotive, KPMG

Gary Silberg started off as a self-described “Midwest guy” but now has lived and worked all over the world. With over 20 years of experience in technology and 15 years in automotive, Gary’s career has taken him to places as far afield as France and China – and led to him becoming fluent in French and partly conversational in Mandarin Chinese. Among his particular areas of expertise are automotive connectivity and autonomous vehicles.

In this episode, Gary talks with Derek D about critical factors for the future of automotive – the staggering amount of money automakers have already invested in electric vehicles, the places where “islands of autonomy” are beginning to push the boundaries of “self-driving” cars, and how history from the earliest days of cars may repeat itself. Plus, he discusses how quantum physics is tied up with his view of the automotive industry, why Berkshire Hathaway is investing in autonomous vehicle tech, and more.

Gary Silberg|KPMG Automotive


Episode Highlights:

  • The surprising company Gary once worked for that was a top supplier of automotive technology
  • How and why automation could replace human error and save lives in difficult, dangerous jobs
  • The simple mathematical reason why an “electric vehicle takeover” may be slower than some assume
  • The popular household gadget using the same technological principles coming to cars

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