Season 5 | EPISODE 15 “I had a front-row seat to how quickly it was disrupted” || Chris Piche, Founder and CEO, Smarter AI

Canadian native Chris Piche has a wealth of experience in the computer science field, which he has now focused on contributing to the autonomous future of cars. He previously worked on developing BlackBerry’s video streaming and AT&T TV and has been recognized with Canada’s Top Young Leader and 40 Under 40 awards.

In this episode, Chris talks with Derek D about founding and running a company producing a wholly new twist on a familiar automotive accessory, the lessons he learned from his experience at the dawn of smartphones, and working with OEMs supplying technology to the world’s biggest carmakers. Plus, he discusses coming up with new applications for existing product architecture, his company’s role in advancing the future of autonomous vehicles, and more.

Chris Piche | Smarter AI

Episode Highlights:

  • Why user customization is so important for current tech products
  • The major problem facing motorists that Smarter AI is seeking to correct
  • The unique type of car collection that Chris may be the only person in the world to have owned

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“Our software platform can seek to understand what’s happening around the camera, in the vehicle, and around the vehicle by applying sensor fusion.”  — Chris Piche