Pedro Correa, Head of Automotive & Mobility, Bain & Company

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Pedro Correa is well-positioned for a wide view of the automotive industry, having a background that includes not only auto but also aerospace and airlines, defense, and industrial services. Based in Texas, Pedro has worked in a variety of countries in Latin America and Europe and has led global training programs for Bain & Company. Pedro earned his BA from Rice University and his MBA from Harvard Business School, and has served on advisory boards including the Emerging Leaders Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

“As a whole, you’ve got the automakers and their dealer partners that are feeling quite good, but we’re already seeing cracks in the wall and signs that it’s going to be hard to maintain the good times forever.” 

— Pedro Correa

On this episode, Pedro talks with Derek D about how different segments of the automotive industry are dealing with supply chain issues with different levels of success, when he predicts easing for microchip production problems and why inventory levels are rising again, and the factors that could be putting pent-up demand at risk. Plus, he discusses the factors pressuring the profit margins of major manufacturers to come down, why both consumers and entrepreneurs should be excited about the near future of automotive, and more.

Pedro Correa | Bain & Company Automotive

Episode Highlights:

  • The major role dealerships are set to play in driving adoption of new automotive technologies
  • The single most important metric for dealership sales growth
  • What will result as the transition to electric vehicles occurs at the same time as other economic pressures

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