Nadia Bical, Vice President, Bical Auto Mall

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Nadia Bical was born into the automotive industry and considers herself to always have been a part of Bical Auto Mall. Growing up, the business was her biggest connection to her father, Sammy Bical, the company’s president and founder – now she’s risen to a leadership role for which she’s won multiple awards, including from Carfax and Cargurus. Nadia runs day-to-day operations and human resources for Bical Auto Mall, and her efforts to strengthen the link between the dealership and the community have included charity work for the Brooklyn Cyclones (the Mets’ High-A affiliate), New York Cares, Chevy Youth Baseball and Softball, and many other organizations.

“We’re just always on our feet” – Nadia Bical, Vice President, Bical Auto Mall

On this episode, both Nadia and Sammy Bical join Derek D for a unique conversation about their beloved family business, covering topics such as how their relationship has gotten stronger due to being business partners, what it takes to retain business over multiple generations, and what the simplest way to deal with inventory shortages is. In addition, they discuss how long it’ll take before EVs fully take over the car market, why Bical Auto Mall is upping their social media marketing now, why father and daughter differ on their preferred schedules, and more.

Episode Highlights:

  • The unique experience Bical Auto Mall plans to offer customers with their soon-to-be-completed Cadillac showroom
  • The large demographic of people who currently would find it very difficult to buy an electric car, and what will have to change for them to adopt EVs
  • How Nadia and her father both arrived at a love of cars in different ways
  • Why any business with a parking lot will soon be installing EV charging stations

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