SEASON 5 | EPISODE 9: “A lot of creative disruption happening” || Chris Sachno, Senior Vice President of E-Mobility, Cloud Services & Innovation at Karma Automotive

From the Oxfordshire, UK town where he grew up, Chris Sachno set out to explore the world, first earning his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at North Carolina’s Duke University, then making his way to Japan, originally intending to learn Japanese. Not only did he become fluent in the language, he also caught the technology bug and went on to help develop tech that has been used in products like the BlackBerry, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch. But it’s not just mobile devices that Chris was interested in, and he was drawn to cars – this past June he joined Karma Automotive and has helped shape the technological profile of their vehicles.

In this episode, Chris has a very long-distance chat with Derek D about how the current electric vehicle revolution is kind of a comeback, why the current era is ideal for experimentation in EV design, and the mind-boggling innovations that may come to electric cars in a mere 10 years or so. Plus, he talks about why speed, safety, and range are the top areas for EV improvement, how it felt the first time he drove Karma’s flagship vehicle and the instant torque kicked in, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • The famous Henry Ford quote Chris keeps back of mind when considering design
  • What the original driving force for EVs was, and why environmental concerns and beyond still make it a factor
  • The reasons that adoption leads to adaptation for any new technology.
  • Why Chris is passionate about a great experience for both drivers and passengers

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