Serpentini Auto Buys Pat O’Brien Dealerships; Expands to Six Chevy Stores

Last week, the Serpentini Auto Group purchased the Pat O’Brien dealerships. The transaction creates the largest Chevrolet dealership in Ohio, according to president Bob Serpentini.

Through the deal, the Serpentini Auto Group takes ownership of three new Chevrolet stores. The locations, which are all in Ohio, include Medina, Westlake and Willoughby. With the additional dealerships, Serpentini will have a total of six Chevy stores in Ohio, according to Automotive News. The collection of dealerships is forecast to move about 8,000 new vehicles annually.

The transaction is expected to create additional jobs, as well. Around 200 people are currently employed at Serpentini’s three newly acquired stores. The plan is to add up to 25 workers at the Westlake location and approximately 15 individuals at the Medina store.

“It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we are excited to be able to share this with more customers in even more accessible locations throughout Northeast Ohio,” Serpentini told the News-Herald. “We are appreciative of the team at Pat O’Brien Chevrolet for their partnership during this transition, and we look forward to serving their loyal customers who we now call our own.”

Nearly 40 years ago, at the age of 22 years old, Serpentini opened his first Chevrolet dealership. He has known Pat O’Brien, owner of the O’Brien Chevrolet dealerships, for many years. Serpentini told Automotive News that he and O’Brien are long-time friends: “We’ve been competitors, obviously, but good friends. And when you have a great relationship, it makes it easier to do a deal like this.”

As of January 16th, there was temporary signage displaying the Serpentini name on the store in Willoughby Hills.