Tesla Model 3 Outsells All Other EVs in 2019

Everywhere you look, there’s a lot of hype about electric vehicles (EVs) being the transportation of tomorrow. Without a doubt, zero-emissions cars hold a lot of promise, especially with battery technology and infrastructure improving all the time. But right now, the Tesla Model 3 is the only EV racking up noteworthy sales, according to an article from Bloomberg.  

Last year, in the United States, Tesla moved nearly 160,000 Model 3 cars. By comparison, just 16,400 Chevy Bolts rolled off dealership lots. Meanwhile, the Nissan Leaf fared even worse with a measly 12,400 cars sold. Even sales of the other primary Tesla offerings – the Model X and Model S – paled in comparison to the popular Model 3. 

The website EVadoption.com anticipates Tesla will continue to dominate the market in 2020. It’s forecast that the automaker will account for 58% of EV sales in the United States. And, despite the release of the new Model Y, the Model 3 is still expected to make up 36% of Tesla’s total annual sales. 

Why is the Tesla Model 3 doing so well while other EVs are languishing in dealership showrooms? Perhaps because Tesla builds cars that people actually want. The Model 3 is sexy – the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt are not. Plus, the Model 3 is the most sensible and affordable way to join Musk’s legion of EV aficionados. 

“[Tesla CEO Musk] has created a vehicle [the Model 3] that resonates with a fairly influential, if not large, demographic, that being tech people in Silicon Valley,” Karl Brauer, executive publisher at Cox Automotive told CNN. That has, in turn, created a strong cultural pull that has been a more effective sales tool than any websiteweb site banner ad.

Also, there’s another reason Tesla remains on top: driving range. The long-range version of the Model 3 can travel around 310 miles on a single charge. None of the offerings from the major automakers have broken the 300-mile mark yet. 

In other words: it looks like big-name auto manufacturers need to step up their game if they want to compete with Tesla in 2020, or anytime in the near future.