SEASON 1 | EPISODE 9: Launching 2022: A Great Outlook with One Precaution || Transactions with Dave Cantin

I’m excited about ‘22. I’m excited about where the automotive industry is right now . . . Let’s buckle up and take the ride.”

There’s no crystal ball for the year ahead, but the automotive industry is not slowing down and 2022 may shape up to be a stronger year than 2021 or 2020. 

However, there’s one thing we’re keeping our eye on — how will manufacturers respond to dealers making record profits, while they aren’t seeing the same on their end? Dave and Derek discuss why this is happening and what options manufacturers may have to grab a piece of the pie.  

Episode Highlights:   

  • We take a deeper look at the automotive market in 2022, which after two unprecedented years in 2020-21, continues to be hot in vehicle sales as well as M&A.
  • We get an inside look at how DCG Acquisitions does its due diligence on a dealership valuation, taking account for performance metrics, real estate, geographic location, a “look under the hood,” and more.
  • Dave reveals the three aspects of a successful dealership transaction, and how DCG works to achieve them.  

Derek D is an actor, comedian, and host with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Before becoming a host on the DNT podcast, Derek was well known in the automotive industry for hosting the award-winning car news show Fast Lane Daily.

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