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This is the automotive podcast you’ve been waiting for! Dealer News Today is proud to bring you an automotive podcast show like no other. A daily automotive podcast that brings the information dealers need, directly to your ears!

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Why We Created this Automotive News Podcast

At DNT we have a deep-rooted passion for the automotive industry, it’s the industry we grew up in, The automotive industry supports all of us, we are doing our part to support each and every person in the industry by bringing breaking interviews with some of the biggest names, and best and brightest in our industry. We strive to bring the automotive industry not just news, but much-needed insights. What better way to deliver insight to the automotive industry than creating a daily automotive industry podcast, for dealers, by dealers and the professionals that serve them. We hand-pick each and every guest, some of the top minds in the automotive business. We don’t interview sponsors, you cannot pay to be on this show, you have to bring something pretty special to the table to make it across these airwaves.


Derek D is an actor, comedian, and host with 15 years experience working in the entertainment industry including TV, national/international commercials, hosting, voiceover actor, film, and much more. He also happens to be well known in the automotive industry for hosting the award winning show Fast Lane Daily. A daily show about car news, but done in a very original and funny way!

Described as the “Jimmy Fallon” of car news, Derek D and Fast Lane Daily garnered millions of views per month during it’s almost 9 year run. Why are we telling you this? Because Derek D will be hosting Dealer News Today two times a month to interview a variety of people in the automotive industry!

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Exclusive automotive expert commentator, Dave Cantin, former dealer principal now CEO of the largest automotive M&A Firm in the automotive industry, the Dave Cantin Group.

Dave grew up in the automotive business and started from the ground up. He prides himself on knowing every aspect of running a successful dealership because he’s done every job outside of being a service tech.

He knows what dealers need, and he knows who can bring the goods to the table. Dave helps select each and every guest for the DNT podcast.

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