SEASON 1 | EPISODE 12: The long game of value in the auto industry || Transactions with Dave Cantin

“The automotive industry is not about ‘What am I gonna make this year and cash our next year?’…The returns are impeccable, but this is about playing the long game.”

Today we talk about the true nature of value.

Dave reflects on DCG Acquisitions’s recent announcement that, in 2021, the firm closed over $1B in total M&A transactions. (Read more in Business Wire.) But they didn’t do so by gunning for the billion dollar mark. Instead, the team was focused on more essential elements of value.

Later in the episode, Dave talks about the long game of automotive acquisitions, explaining how a dealership purchase is almost never about immediate ROI. It’s at least a 5-7 year return, and in the long run, it’s a family asset, multiplying returns 5x or 10x over the course of generations.

Episode Highlights:   

  • Dave and Derek look ahead to this Super Bowl Sunday, and how the big game’s automotive ads indicate important trends and sentiments in the industry.
  • Dave explains the three most important values he emphasizes to his team at DCG (and why they aren’t centered around work).
  • We hear several reasons why short-term ROI can be a distraction from a more important aspect of the automotive business — the long game.

Derek D is an actor, comedian, and host with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Before becoming a host on the DNT podcast, Derek was well known in the automotive industry for hosting the award-winning car news show Fast Lane Daily.

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