Mike Lanciotti, President of Recreation Segment, REV Group

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Western Pennsylvania native Mike Lanciotti has been interested in RVs since his family had one in his childhood, and now oversees major specialty vehicle manufacturer REV Group’s recreational vehicle segment, primarily based in Indiana. Mike’s responsibilities cover all seven of REV’s RV-related brands, including Renegade RV, for which he served as president and CEO for almost eight years until the company was acquired by REV. His work helped shape Renegade as a premier name in Class C recreational vehicles as well as one of REV Group’s top brands. Mike holds his executive MBA from Baldwin Wallace University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and mechanical engineering from Thiel College.

“To me, it’s important that we have the teams in production turn the dials in slow ways – ramp up slow, ramp down slow.”


In this episode, Mike joins Derek D for an enlightening discussion about a lesser-known but very important part of the dealer-based industries. The conversation covers how the RV industry is reacting to reduced demand following big spikes at the height of the pandemic, how manufacturers adapt to wider consumer trends, and why making RVs more usable and more homelike is the wave of the future. Plus, Mike discusses nationwide RV dealership consolidation, the importance of lithium batteries and solar power in the industry, and more.

Mike Lanciotti | Renegade RV

Episode Highlights:

  • The major barriers to RVs using the same kind of batteries as electric passenger cars
  • Why travel trailers are the leading indicator of the health of the RV industry overall
  • Why positive word-of-mouth is so important for RV dealerships, and how the industry is working to improve customer experience
  • What makes RVs a great option for travelers who have a chronic health condition or disability

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