SEASON 2 | EPISODE 12: “Get dirty with data” | Digital Marketing w/ Kevin LeSage of Autotrader

“My job is to make understanding your marketing efforts and your targeting much easier to take action on.” — Kevin LeSage

Kevin LeSage’s career has been a dovetailing of two passions—cars and data—that have led him to his current role as Director of Digital Marketing at AutoTrader. Today on DNT, Kevin joins Derek D to tell the backstory of his career, and what he’s doing today to transform sales at automotive dealerships.

Kevin digs deep into his digital marketing expertise to relate how, as an auto dealer, you can optimize data across multiple platforms and build custom digital marketing campaigns to funnel quality prospects onto their websites and into their dealerships.

Interview Highlights:

  • How Kevin and his team can predict, with over 85% accuracy, which brand an online car shopper will ultimately buy
  • Current insights on Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, and other areas of Digital Marketing as they relate to automotive sales
  • An analogy that ties automotive dealerships to fast food restaurants (hint: it’s about options)

Episode Sponsor:

AutoTrader — Your ultimate online tool for new, certified pre-owned, and used vehicle sales. AutoTrader makes the process of buying and selling easier, and gives you more control than ever before.

Derek D is an actor, comedian, and host with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Before becoming a host on the DNT podcast, Derek was well known in the automotive industry for hosting the award-winning car news show Fast Lane Daily.