Mandi Fang, VP of Client Engagement, Cox Automotive

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Mandi Fang says the new rules of client engagement will come down to two things: the willingness to disrupt ourselves and the ability to think like our customers. What does this mean?

Using data and technology will allow us to become efficient and effective at delivering not only products but also experiences…What the digital transformation allows us to do is think about every experience with a new lens.”

— Mandi Fang

It means we’ll discover where AI can create efficiencies and where we’ll need humans for a deeper level of interaction and problem solving. It means that, as these efficiencies increase, “personalized” and “at-scale” will no longer be mutually exclusive. It means improving the employee experience will be key to transforming the customer experience.

Mandi draws this insight from decades in the auto industry—from building Chevy S-10s on the assembly line, to 15 years in auto retail, to her current role as Vice President of Client Engagement at four Cox Automotive companies: DealertrackDMS,, VinSolutions, and Xtime.

Episode Highlights:

  • How furloughs and other disruptions during shutdown forever changed the processes, roles played, tools used, and customer experiences at dealerships.
  • How AI and virtual reality will help the most forward-thinking dealers create a fully immersive experience for remote and online customers.
  • How AI is helping Cox Automotive create better solutions for auto dealers, with efficiencies that translate to profit.

Episode Sponsor:

Xtime — Xtime is the automotive industry’s only end-to-end vehicle service platform, connecting customers and dealers from vehicle check-in to follow-up — and increasing service retention for OEMs and their dealerships.

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