COVID-19 Update: Momentum CRM & automotiveMastermind’s Market EyeQ Join Forces

By Desiree Homer

The Digital Landscape Ahead Means Better Integration

Dealers get it now. Going digital is no longer just a best practice; it’s a necessity in today’s economic environment. But having remote touchpoints goes beyond the basics of customer communication and advertising online. Top dealers recognize that enhancing their capabilities with customer engagement, CRM strategies, and selling more vehicles means using every available integration tool to manage data. Momentum CRM & Market EyeQ have joined forces to create such an integration solution. It can be a game-changing solution for dealers who may feel somewhat limited with their current platforms. And now, it is more critical than ever to understand what car buying customers want and need.

What Momentum CRM & automotiveMastermind Are Integrating

Momentum CRM is one of the industry’s most popular CRM platforms. Mastermind (automotiveMastermind) is a leader in offering marketing automation solutions and predictive analytics. A joining of these two pivotal solution providers means dealers can have complete integration between sales efforts and analytics in today’s predominantly digital environment. The dealership dashboard interface with Momentum CRM will now include Market EyeQ, Mastermind’s sales, and marketing products. The analytics flow through this integration as well. Meaning one dashboard solution will help dealers manage their customer relationship efforts, collect and see relevant customer data, and pursue sales strategies, in one convenient platform.

What Digital Enhancement Can Do for Dealers

This joining of these two company offerings brings a strategic advantage to their dealership partners. Some of the upgrades include two-way note integration. The new platform also provides a full roster of information, including customer vehicle history and mileage and deal type. It even collects the BPS (Customers’ Behavior Prediction Score®) for precise sales strategies. This proprietary algorithm helps dealers categorize potential customers based on those who are ready to purchase now versus later. Having this kind of consumer information will help participating dealers prioritize their efforts for marketing, sales, and engagement, i.e., sell more cars.

Developing the Digital Strategy

You don’t have to partner with Momentum CRM to enhance the digital strategy and data solutions you currently have in place. This recent integration announcement serves as a reminder for all dealers that engaging customers online or in a remote capacity is our new reality. And there is always room for ongoing improvement and enhancement of the tools dealers use to manage leads and follow up with car buyers. There are plenty of software and data solutions providers that can help carve out the ideal CRM and analytics products for your operations. Automotive retailers leveraging this new integration between Momentum CRM and Mastermind, are able to maximize opportunities with high-target customers now, and groom leads in the funnel to close future deals as well.

As dealers begin to reopen at various paces throughout the country, understanding customers in your market is key to re-emerging success. The best way to know what your market needs and wants, enhancing your digital and data solutions may be the next step. There isn’t a magic wand to help sell more vehicles right now. But there are tools to help dealers understand the buying trends and consumer preferences. Tune in to a podcast conversation with Todd Skelton, CEO of the 56 dealerships within Prime Automotive Group. He talks about how some of his stores are still closed and says, “I’m a glass half full guy – with a lid.” Use the tools you have and look to explore enhancing those processes for the best results in this new, post-COVID-19 environment.