Troy Duhon, CEO, Premier Automotive

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One thing an auto group does not want to be known for is the most cases of CoronaVirus. Troy Duhon, CEO of Premier Automotive, with 22 dealerships in Louisiana, has had 18 dealership employees test positive for the CoronaVirus, including his son. 

What does Troy Duhon do when his business is in one of the hardest-hit states one the nation? He starts a food drive that donates over 3,500 meals a day.  

Episode Highlights:

Listen as Dave, Andy, and Troy discuss the following:

  • How to lead when things seem at their worst.
  • Hear what Troy is doing to give back to his hard-hit home state of Louisiana during this pandemic.
  • What the future looks like for Louisiana dealers.

See how Troy is giving back during this crisis – donating over 3000 meals:
view the video here

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