Jay Etheridge, Brand Ambassador, Combat Motors

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Jay Etheridge has an eclectic educational and professional background, having studied accounting and theology and trained as a paralegal, and he brings all of these skills and knowledge to the fore in his role as brand ambassador for Combat Motors. He served as CFO for the company that would become Combat Motors before transitioning to his current role in June 2020. In addition to promoting the Combat brand and its bikes at events throughout the year, Jay also works directly with domestic and international customers, giving him a unique perspective on what motorcycle buyers want and need.

“Once the technology is there, that I can charge my car and my batteries as fast as I can fill up my tank with gas, then the technology is ready.”

— Jay etheridge

In this episode, Jay joins our host Derek D to discuss the unique 30-plus-year story and journey of Combat Motors and his own expert insights on the evolution of the motorcycle industry today. Their conversation covers why the signature design elements of Combat bikes are key to the riding experience, how the company’s bespoke scale allows for customization and personal touches even though all the motorcycles it makes are production models, Jay’s experiences personally delivering customers’ orders, and more.

Combat Motors

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Combat Motors continues to focus on internal combustion engines despite industry trends toward electrification
  • What Jay says it will take for Combat Motors to truly achieve international expansion
  • Jay’s perspective on the pace of electric vehicle adoption and what will be the tipping points for mass electric vehicle ownership

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