EPISODE 26: 40 Ft. Erection Gets Brad Benson, SB XXI Champion NY Giant, #1 Hyundai Dealer Through Tough Times

Champion NY Giants Offensive Lineman, Brad Benson knows what it takes to power through tough times. As a professional NFL player and as the dealer principal of the #1 Hyundai dealership in the nation, Brad knows about resilience and finding a way to get through anything.

A legend on the field and in the automotive world, Brad Benson set the bar when it came to auto sales, selling more Hyundai’s than any other dealer in the world. Known for his irreverent marketing and outspoken style, Brad never let tough times keep him from achieving greatness.

Listen as Dave, Andy, and Brad discuss the following:

  • What Brad takes from his time playing in the NFL, to get through tough times.
  • How he used tough times and a legendary marketing campaign to go from selling 65 to 700 cars per month.
  • How Brad used the 2008 recession as a catalyst to become the #1 Hyundai dealership in the world.
  • Brad’s advice for dealerships to get past the COVID Crisis and spike the ball in the endzone.

A special interview with an automotive champion