EPISODE 58: “It’s time for Floor Plan Compensation” Brian Finkelmeyer, Sr. Dir. vAuto

“It’s very simple, it’s time to think like an investor.”

Listen as Brian Finkelmeyer, Senior Director, vAuto gets deep in the weeds with one of the most concerning topics in the auto industry – new car inventory.

Interview Snippets

  • Inventory in the US is down over 1 million cars!
  • If there ever was a time to hone in on new car inventory management, that time is now.
  • One of the biggest lessons learned is that inventory must be managed better.
  • Why manufacturers need to change their allocation processes. 
  • A high percentage of dealers suffer from “recency bias” when ordering inventory. 
  • Is it time to change to floor plan compensation to better control inventory and profitability.

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