EPISODE 64: How an Industry Veteran is Turning the Pandemic into Record Sales

Dave Cantin: “This is part of the new normal. This is now the future.”

Stephen Wade: “And it behooves us to be aware and capitalize on it.”

An interview with Stephen Wade, Founder of Stephen Wade Auto Center in St. George, Utah. Wade and his company have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the crisis into perhaps Wade’s best year of nearly a half-century in the car business.

Interview Highlights:

  • How did Stephen Wade Auto Center play the new and used car markets to thrive during the pandemic?
  • How does Wade predict markets will shift in fall 2020, and how is he preparing his company for what comes next?
  • Does Wade believe it’s time for dealership owners to be in “acquisition mode” for new franchises?

Plus: Wade pays tribute to long-time business partner Robert Garff, as he tells the story of how they got started together in the auto business.


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