EPISODE 65: “Our Business is Changing.” Adapting to Digital Sales with Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management at VinSolutions

Mark Vickery is an expert in CRM systems for auto dealerships. He meets with dealers every day to help optimize their technology and operational investments. In the current market environment, these systems are more crucial than ever.  

Mark recently wrote an article about the road to digital adoption at dealerships and how technology decisions might make or break the future of your car dealership. He brings that expertise and perspective in today’s conversation with Dave and Andy.

Interview Highlights:

  • Where are the 3 categories of customers adapting to digital car sales?  
  • How are CRMs changing to better capture online customers?  
  • Why will dealers suffer if they don’t adapt?  
  • How can dealers thrive by adapting ahead of the game?  


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