Mistubishi Bets Drivers Will Exchange Driving Habits for Perks

“Gamification” is a concept in business software that allows users to interact in a more fun, appealing way, encouraging higher usage of the software. Phone agents, for example, might earn points or badges for voluntarily undergoing extra training, taking more calls than anyone else, or getting the highest quality rating for the week. Sales associates might use a gamified solution to compete against one another inside a CRM solution as top seller for the month, earning points along the way. These points can then be traded in for perks like first pick of vacation or a primo parking spot for the month.

Gamification is no longer limited to business software (or video games, for that matter). The carrot and stick approach is showing up everywhere nowadays, including in new cars onboard communications systems. Mitsubishi is now betting that drivers will share what they have of value – their personal information – in exchange for points to use toward items of value, such as $10 off an oil change. At least one insurance company, State Auto Insurance, is already onboard with the program.

The Japanese automaker has debuted a game-like interface to entice American drivers into using a smartphone app that transmits digital information on their driving habits to insurers. In return, drivers can earn digital “badges” for good driving habits such as staying within the speed limit and avoiding sudden sharp stops, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The app is courtesy of analytics technology provider LexisNexis Risk Solutions. The brain behind the Mitsubishi gamified app is LexisNexis telematics solution, which has been added to Mitsubishi’s Road Assist+ smart phone app. The new, combined app will allow drivers “to enjoy the cost savings of usage-based insurance (UBI) without having to install telematics hardware devices in their vehicles or purchase a newer ‘connected car’ model,” according to the companies.

The Mitsubishi Road Assist+ app delivers driving data to Mitsubishi drivers, who can opt in to make their data available to participating insurance carriers through the LexisNexis Telematics Exchange, including State Auto Insurance Companies, which is the first insurer to be announced as part of the program.