Brian Finkelmeyer and David Barash

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An Automotive Success Story in Tumultuous 2020.

Today’s host, Brian Finkelmeyer of vAuto, is joined by David Barash, Director of Finance at the Detroit-area Glassman Auto Group.

Brian asks some extremely pointed questions on the past, present, and future impact of COVID-19. David provides detailed and thoughtful answers, not just pertaining to his own market but in observation of national trends and opportunities.

“I challenge every dealer out there to jump on that wagon, because if you don’t, it’s just gonna drive by and pass you.”

— David Barash

What we get is a story of success in hard times, an optimistic outlook about the future, and some valuable lessons for how to adapt, learn, and succeed as auto dealers in this rapidly changing environment.

Episode Highlights:

  • The shift to digital retailing, and what percentages of Glassman’s customers are interacting at different levels of this new sales process.
  • How access to information has changed the way customers interact with car dealers.
  • Why during COVID, we do less “selling” and more consulting – and how this is an opportunity for dealers to more deeply understand the customer experience.

Cox Automotive is a world leader in auto industry resources and information, providing information, platforms, and systems to enhance the automotive retail experience. Among them is vAuto, a leading resource that solves inventory challenges for dealerships across the United States.

Glassman Auto Group is a leading automotive retailer that sells new Kia, new Hyundai, new Genesis and new Subaru, as well as pre-owned vehicles. Based in Southfield, Michigan, they have served the Detroit-area community since 1969. David Barash is Director of Finance at Glassman, giving him unique and deep insight into many aspects of the current American auto industry.

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