SEASON 2 | EPISODE 7: With new pricing tool, data drives used car profits

“When business is good and easy, I fear that dealers often turn away from important disciplines and strategies to make even more money.” —Dale Pollak

Here comes another edition of DNT with Derek D! Today, Derek interviews Dale Pollak, Founder of vAuto, Executive Vice President at Cox Automotive, and bestselling author of the book Velocity: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line.

Dale delivers some extremely poignant thoughts on today’s used car market. He also talks about the insights behind vAuto’s profit-driven pricing tool, ProfitTime 2.0, which uses data to know the probability of any given used vehicle, on a given day, at a given price.

Interview Highlights:

  • A warning to anyone who thinks the environment of 2020 will be the “new normal” in automotive.
  • Which aspects of 2020 used cars success will continue into 2021? Which aspects were temporary phenomena?
  • In the past, we stocked used cars to sell them. Today we sell used cars to stock them— how this subtle understanding can increase your pre-owned profits.

Episode Sponsor:

vAuto is a powerful inventory management tool that helps today’s dealers run better than the competition. It is part of Cox Automotive, a world leader in Automotive Industry software, information, and innovation.

Derek D is an actor, comedian, and host with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Before becoming a host on the DNT podcast, Derek was well known in the automotive industry for hosting the award-winning car news show Fast Lane Daily.