SEASON 4 | EPISODE 11: “It’s unbelievable what kind of ideas somebody else has.” || Joe Cardinale, President, Cardinale Auto Group

“Once you learn sales, it’s a fun business – you get a game every day and you either win or lose it.”

Starting when he was 18, Joe Cardinale was hooked on the business of selling cars. He opened a dealership of his own for the first time in 1980, and now Cardinale Auto Group has 22 locations throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona, and the family-owned and operated business is planning to open several more soon.

On this episode, Joe Cardinale chats with Derek D about his near-lifetime of experience in the automotive industry and how that has led him to react to the rapid changes of recent years. He also opens up about hiring – and firing – family members, Cardinale Auto Group’s responsibility to their nearly 1,000 employees’ families, how he manages to fit in two workouts during a working day, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • What indicates which stores to buy up when Cardinale Auto Group has expanded
  • What happens when a dealership group experiences its fastest-ever quarterly growth – in a quarter where Joe says he thought he definitely wouldn’t buy a new location
  • The most effective ways that Cardinale Auto Group has developed to run meetings
  • How predictions on the factory side from manufacturers have gotten it wrong, and how to plan anyway

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